Hello from the darkness

I know I haven’t been posting in a few months other than crochet projects I have been trying to work on. I went into a very dark place. I have been fighting to still do my crochet store TigerSistersDesigns while going to college classes during the summer. I now work at a part time job and still try to do the store. I’m supposed to have a partner in this store but it has pretty much been me the entire time.

During the summer I reconnected with a friend that I had about five years ago when I was pregnant. He took care of me then and he made me feel loved where my husband at the time didn’t. My Master started to care for this man seeing how I cared about him. My Master is still in Tennessee I had asked if this man could be my guardian.

My Master asked him to be part of our love in a closed Triad. They would both be my son’s father same with any future children I may have.

Recently my Master asked if we could take care of each other by ourselves for a while because he can’t move out here at this time. He “friend zoned” himself I still love him and it hurt when he said that. My boyfriend had to explain it all to me because I went into shock and had been trying to implode slightly. It’s been hard but we are trying to take care of each other as best we can at the moment. 

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