Cut the crap..

I know I dropped the ball and haven’t written as much on this blog as I used to in the first few months of it. I wrote when I feel there is something needed to be said.

If you read my blog and enjoy it thank you this rant isn’t about you. I love my readers and enjoy that they take the time to know me through this.

It has taken me a long time to even start to feel better after having been with my emotional and mental abusive exhusband. When he was around he was neglectful or he would bring his lovers around parading them and go off again. Always calling them to my son his aunts. My son would ask me why he would be friendly with them and I wouldn’t be able to answer.

I was trapped in the world he had made for me and it look me a long time to escape from him. I finally did and my life is going better.

Yes I know parts of my blog don’t make sense to those that don’t know the full story I’m very accepting of questions but don’t put them on the open forum to make it look like I’m lying send me an email like a mature adult. This is my life that I’m sharing not anyone else’s.


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