The person behind the silence…


I’m the RockyMtnKitten I have grown up in the shadows of the Rocky mountains all my life! I have been in abusive relationships in the past but I have gained strength with everyone that i escaped from.

I was abused in relationships for about a decade from when I started dating in high school. The relationships I was in had mentally warped me and in a few circumstances broke my mind almost beyond repair. They seemed to get worse with no getting better in the scheme of things. I was physically, sexually and mentally (emotional as well) abused. The men I was with didn’t care about my safety they just wanted a sex-doll that could breathe. The last one would try to use me as a trading tool so that he could have the chance to sleep with other subs. When this didn’t work he started just leaving me home with our child and blatantly cheating on me under the guise that we were in a polyamorous relationship. I escaped with our child a little over a year ago.

I am in college for a psychology degree and every step farther I go I feel my strength of mind and self coming back to my own hands. With every piece I gain some of my voice back. I started running my own business with a friend that is for this life style.

I am in BDSM relationships because I know there is a difference between abuse and BDSM. I have found some people I can trust to keep me safe and build me up to who I want to be again.

Welcome to my journey. I hope you enjoy the ride on this roller coaster of my life and mind. There will be several topics and not all of them will be in the same genre.


so.. so very true

18 thoughts on “The person behind the silence…

  1. Pretty good start. Though I’d introduce yourself more. Maybe tal about yourself and the kind of girl you are. You can always talk about your son and what he means to you.

    Bottom line, intro is abit too short, but by no means make it too long

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      1. So did you have an agreement to be poly or was it just his or your idea? Because my understanding of polyamory is that you and your partner agree to have multiple relationships whilst staying married.

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      2. Oh? and how many females did he bring over to hang out? also, I am curious to know what are your relationship statuses since the divorce? Surely you have to have moved on by now…

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      3. Your getting a bit more personal than I would like to discuss in public forum and insulting. You can read about my current relationship in other posts.

        Thank you for your interest.


  2. I also noticed you say that he would leave you and your child alone at your house. Hate to be picky, but if he brought them over, how is he leaving you alone?

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    1. Your not being picky your being criticizing on my life. As I have said this is a bit more personal than I would like to discuss on public forum. If you wish to press this email me otherwise please stop. This is my life just because it doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t mean you get to tear it apart to show the “fiction of it”.


      1. I must say that I am not criticizing your life, you are only being contradictory to yourself and that makes me curious as this usually means that one or both statements are untrue. And for it not making sense, I will tell you that i have been through a similar situation in my life however, I was on the other side of things. My ex claimed that I was abusive however did not claim responsibility for their own abusive behavior toward me. So say that I am an outsider looking in and trying to pick apart your life, criticize you, etc. but please know that I can sympathies with both you and your ex.


      2. This is my final comment to you on the public nature of my blog. Look at the other blogs I have written before got make any more judgements about my story either send me a email with your questions and concerns or just go away.


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