My beginning in this life style.

I have always been submissive in nature and personality. My parents raised me up and build me up as much as they could.

I started in this lifestyle when I was 16 (I know why did a young girl like this start this early…I get it all the time) but I didn’t know it was bdsm. I was with a guy that I thought loved me and would do anything to protect me. We were together for almost two years. He was older than me by a few years so I had to be his “hidden” girlfriend.

He told me that I needed a “display” boyfriend but I couldn’t do anything with him. The guy he told me to date was younger than me by a year and we were together for a year and a half. It was difficult being in two relationships like this.

My “hidden” boyfriend had to know where I was, what I was doing, who I was with constantly. If he wasn’t with me I had to answer every text or call from him no matter time of the day. But I couldn’t ask the same thing of him or everyone would get suspicious.

After I moved out of the same town as him it became more difficult. When we lived in the same town I would see him every morning before school and he would give me a ride so that we could have time together. He would leave notes for me hidden. I had to watch him have a full relationship with one of my friends. He had planned on coming out as my boyfriend on my graduation day. (At least that’s what he led me to believe)

After I turned 18 he still wanted me to date him with my friend who was his fiance. When I tried getting away from him he started acting like a stalker. If I went to see my father (who lived in the same town as him) he would follow me and make me come meet him using guilt.

He had invited me to his wedding to my friend and told me that we would do great together. He would be with both of us and we would be a family. (I had finally come to my senses)

Next time I saw him after that I broke up with him. I told him to go away and be loyal to his wife. He left me alone with the promise he would always love me and always be my best friend.

I had found out he had collected another girl friend with his wife. He tried going after other friends of mine but they all backed away from him.

I was able to stay away because I thought I had found someone better…

There was more pain and mind control training that led to who I am today in the bdsm world. This is a continuing topic. Three more similar stories if you want to read them let me know and I will add them.