Zpagetti Crochet pattern Square Baset


For this pattern You Need:

*1 ball of Yarn, (I use Ribbon XL, You can buy it here) or in My Etsy Shop. It is perfect for these baskets! But You can also use Zpagetti Yarn which You can buy in My Etsy shop.

If You use Ribbon XL, You need a crochet hook nr 6 (US size 10) When using Zpagetti Yarn use a hook nr 8 or 9.

hook nr 10. For the rest You will need a stitch marker, You can use a safety pin or a piece of yarn for this to, I use a clipper that’s normally for attaching keys, so be creative 😉

Also an XL needle with a round point to weave in the ends.

The finished basket will be about 15 cm x 15 cm


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