Later Alligator!


Sorry to say, this highly anticipated spring has been something of a downer thus far. Stepping off the plane from Tokyo, the blast of cold air that greeted me came as quite a shock, as I had thought that New England was experiencing very similar weather during my absence. Sure, 60 – 70 degrees over in Tokyo is nothing to write home about, but compared to the 30 – 40 degree rains over here, it seems like a tropical paradise! Periodically raining, shining, and then raining again, the rivers have swollen to impressive proportions, fed by brief but massive downpours. Wanting to capture some of the rapidly moving water passing through a nearby stream, I wandered down into town a bit, camera in tow, snapping pictures every few feet. Although I had fully expected to find some interesting and photogenic sights along the river bank, I nearly dropped my camera…

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