Introverted to extroverted… The struggle

introvert vs extrovert
introvert vs extrovert

Introvert- Staying quiet and wanting to stay in the background while everyone else does the social thing around you. I have grown up painfully introverted and I have been struggling for years trying to change myself. The picture above to me seems more like my mother on the extroverted side and myself on the introverted side.

Extrovert- I have forced myself into more extroverted sides of life and after a few hours of that I feel bone exhausted and I just want to curl up and hide in a dark corner so that no one will pay attention to me. I have put myself into the roles of extrovert because of the current job I have and the last job I had.

Realization- I have come to realize with the help of my father. I am so introverted and have been all my life that its actually encoded into my dna. I love the fact that i have lots in common with my father. I’m willing to deal with all the socializing I have to do at work and when I’m at school. Outside of that it is more difficult for me unless I really can trust someone or a group of people that I’m around.


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