Bias on tattoos and piercings in the work place… stupid bigots

Some bosses are doing better with letting employees express themselves with showing off tattoos and piercings. There are also bosses that if you have tattoos must be covered up during work hours. If you have piercings they must be removed during work hours.

They have specific requirements and regulations of what people are allowed to wear and even what color their hair is allowed to be. This is really pathetic because just because you dress a certain way or your hair is a certain color doesn’t have any representation of what kind of person someone is.

If they didn’t look at the face value and
Judge them based on how they act they would see the judgements are bullshit.

The fact that they don’t do this and they will ask how your kids are doing once they see you have a tattoo. Is the stereotype that tattooed and pierced parents or even Gothic parents are ruining children’s childhood.

I have a tattoo and so does my ex. My son learned to not touch the tattoo until it was are to touch the because of where it is located he learned to help put cream on it if it got burned.

I have piercings and my son learned how to clean and be responsible with them.

I am a pastel goth. Yes I wear black and feel comfortable in it but I also enjoy wearing pastel colors or bright colors.


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