Having my Master here for a week

Having my master at my home and in my life really here for a week has been a shock and a large test for him and me.

He decided that he wanted to be in my son’s life as well. He also didn’t want me to miss my classes or my work days. But we have been finding time to be together.

Some car rental companies will have hidden fees so watch out. Listen to reviews about the company. If you get a bad deal with one don’t go back three times hoping it would change. You will waste your money and make it so you will have more time to question each other than having relaxing peaceful thoughts.

He did really great with working around my hectic schedule and was there for my son. My son pretty much glommed onto him and claimed him for himself. My family got a good impression about him and are looking forward to when he moves here.

This was the happiest week I have had in a really long time. We are at the airport in this photo.

My master was supposed to leave yesterday and because of a problem at the rental company that we do like there was a lot of drama and trouble caused with his family. My mother put him up for a night and he left on the earliest plane. I have become public enemy number one with his parents and his stepmother is going to try kicking him out to either move here or just be homeless within the next five months.

She told me that in a rather large message telling me I was a stupid self serving twit my mother is an amazing woman. I think the world’s revolves around me and my master is to stupid to take care of himself. She also made a rather large assumption and character opinion of why my ex husband’s mother hates me. (Mind you she doesn’t know anything about my marriage problems with my ex and his family) I personally think she is sad and grasping at straws.

I can’t wait till he lives out here and we can prove to his family that he is smarter and more mature than they give him credit for.



2 thoughts on “Having my Master here for a week

  1. If his visit went well and maybe some future time together works out why worry about his parents…unless they know something about him that you don’t…and then, does that matter? Go with your instincts!

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