When your dom gives you a punishment you don’t deserve

Subs have a hard time standing up to their doms. They are more likely to take everything without batting an eye at the doms that punish them because they trust and love them. This can be very dangerous with the wrong kind of dom.

Everyone has bad days or weeks or months it’s human nature. If you’re having a rough time don’t take it out on your sub because they won’t understand what they did. And it doesn’t matter if you say your not mad or whatever the emotion you choose. If you punish them and they don’t deserve it. You as the dom are the bad guy.

Subs generally will just let it slide and ignore it thinking they did something wrong so they completely change their personality to try fixing the problem. Even going to the point they will try so hard to be what they think the dom wants they will do stuff they are uncomfortable doing and putting themselves into dangerous positions.

If a sub has been in these situations many times they will notice a pattern and if they have a bratty side they will fight it. They will give the undeserved punishment back to the dom that hurt them. They aren’t trying to hurt their dom. They just want to understand why someone they put their trust into betrayed them this badly.



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