Rules and tasks set by my master

Rules and tasks that are set by him are always interesting because they seem completely easy to most that hear them. Funny thing about my master, my daddy dom, and other doms that I claim we are all extremely introverted but we are comfortable with each other.

Punishment is also a strange concept because if a punishment is needed it is handled in a fashion specific to us. Those that don’t know us would look at our situation strangely.

1. Always be kind in every situation
2. Smile and show a steel beneath the sugary sweetness
3. Be a lady and keep respecting yourself
4. Anyone hurts you and you feel you can’t handle it come to me immediately. 5. Anyone hurts you and you feel you can handle it. Show the power of the true Tiger mama inside you.
6. Be honest with me about everything and I will be honest with you.

The rules above are difficult to follow for me because of how I was raised.  It is also difficult because of how much I just want to be unnoticed and invisible to people.

1. Put confidence into myself
2. Smile and find a small piece of happiness in each day
3. Get my homework done
4. Give myself time to relax
5. Try to talk daily even just sending a text to say “I love you hope you have/had a great day”

These tasks are set because my doms want me to be able to feel my own strength in myself. My doms in my past didn’t care about my happiness more than,

“Oh she is sad. She is going to make me look bad I either have to look like I care or just make her go away.”

But that didn’t matter much after I would escape. Then they just wanted to shame me into coming back or make me look entirely nuts.


There are no set Punishment for me because of the openness of our relationship. If he breaks the rules he sets for me then I can punish him as well. Punishment is set when the rule is broken.



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