Being a sub in public…

Being a sub in public isn’t slays the best thing when there is a primal dom around and your dom isn’t around. Some doms will respect they see you collared your collared your off limits. Some primal doms are not that way.

Some doms if they have taken an interest in you it doesn’t matter if you’re collared or not. They will make their interest and intent known to you. They will give you a predatorial gaze that is meant to let to know they want you and it doesn’t matter if you are someone else’s they will have you.

Worst mistake you can do this this situation is (1) show your afraid (2) show your sub side. It will not only bring out their hunters instincts but it will make them want to chase you more. You pretty much make yourself a yummy antelope for a really hungry lion to eat.

(This is an umbrella comment for all flavors of doms and subs)
If you are a dom and you try taking another doms sub you are poaching. You will be seen as a predator I the fetish community. You don’t want this hanging over you. Once you know a sub is claimed even if they show interest in you GET PERMISSION FROM THE ORIGINAL DOM!

I can not stress that last point enough. The world is dangerous enough for subs our doms are the only way we can feel safe.



6 thoughts on “Being a sub in public…

  1. Those Doms that do not respect the dynamic you are already in are not Doms at all. They are disrespectful wanna be’s. This lifestyle is all about rules, structure, and protocol. A collar is the equivalent to a wedding ring with more meaning and symbolism. Those same “Doms” are the ones you see on Fet commenting on pictures of women they do not know making demands and referring to themselves as Master. They do not care about the lifestyle, they care only about kinky sex and none of the more important parts of all this. The sex, play, and scenes are supposed to be the reward for a much deeper connection. The object of this is not to hook up with as many women as you can.. It is to find your “one” the other half that makes you whole.

    Sorry rant over.

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    1. Your right and thank you for the rant. I made this post to show how much danger some subs can be in. There are many poac
      hers and predators out there and we need to keep ourselves safe even without our doms around.

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      1. You’re welcome. I once had a sub under my protection.. I was not her Dom simply a friend who looked out for her because she was young and only saw good people.. She was adorable that way, but easily taken advantage of buy guys that were willing to say whatever she wanted to hear for her to give them total access to her. She has a Dom of her own now who takes amazing care of her and protects her completely. I cried (I know turn in my man card) at her collar ceremony because she had come so far and was so happy.

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      2. You were a good Guardian. I never had good ones like that. If I had I wouldn’t have been with the doms I was up until my current. I would never make you turn in your “man card” you were being a good friend. Respect to guardians!

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