Have you heard of Bat Play? (Series of types of pet play/bdsm fetishes)

That was a question presented to me today. My answer is a simple No, not yet.

I don’t know all of the countless forms of pet play that there are. Here is a small list of those I had known about for years and those I had learned about in the last few months: kitten play, puppy play, horse play; bunny play, cow play, Fox play, lamb play, otter play, *bat play*

Huh funny how the last one is the subject of this blog huh. Some of those can be associated with other forms of bdsm play (yes that is the base root of all of these.) Ddlg (bunny, lamb), gorean (horse), pregnancy (cow), master sub (kitten, puppy, Fox, otter), blood play/vampire play (bat); interesting how you can hear one thing about something and can completely separate it from the bases of it to say. “No I don’t like that I’m not like that. This I like this I can do.”

“Yeah. Like I feel like I’m only slightly into bdsm.. I don’t normally tell people that because I don’t want them to tell me I’m not a part of the community because I think you can appreciate bdsm in different forms and at different levels. And for me I’m just at a low level sometimes I guess.” -Pet player, owner, sub

I had learned of this from a friend. There are so many misconceptions about this life style and many more. It’s tiring hearing about the negative of this lifestyle.

I haven’t heard of bat play but I have heard even played (young dumb teen and early adult years) with blood play aka vampire play. I still have a couple of the scars. It gave me a major euphoric high because it combined two fetishes (blood play and knife play. Hmm take a guess what I was doing to develop these fetishes) I had developed from a very stupid choice I had made as a young teenager. Just for those wondering out there about Knife play I will get more into that in another blog. No I don’t do this type of play anymore several personal reasons that boil down to. I don’t want to anymore.

I will look into Bat play for the friends that is curious but nervous about it and share my results. But I don’t think I will do much with the information I learn other than pass it along. I enjoy the type of play that I do now.



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