What it’s like being a mom and a little

Being a mom and a little can be difficult depending on the age of the child. My child is still pretty young so we can do little things together like coloring and watching little movies. We also really like cuddling on the couch together.

I can talk in text with my daddy dom when I’m with my kid and we call each other every night to talk. He sends me gifts and surprises me with stuff. My son likes the gifts because he will send some gifts for him as well. I don’t get to see him physically but we talk on video a lot.

He punishes me when I do something wrong and he knows I will try not to be punished again. Things can at times be difficult but he is starting to read how I’m feeling easier and be able to fix my mood. He has give me stuff I can wear or hold when I’m out and about even at school and something triggers me to my little place. Being a little has helped me bond with my son more than when I was repressing when I used to repress it I had a tendency of regression to where I wouldn’t express my emotions to anyone.


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