Meeting people from Fetlife in real life

Meeting someone you have met and spoke to online is always a nerve wracking thing. Because you never know if they are going to be the same person you knew online. They are gonna think the same thing about you.

Meeting people from Fetlife though is a complete different ball game because they know your other side. They know the darkness and twisted inside of your mind that you sometimes to hide. Ya you can still have secrets from them but there isn’t much left to keep secret when you pretty much bared yourself for them to see with words and images.

Some advice in this… Just be yourself. I have met people from the site and I just stayed me so I couldn’t really be any different. I have always acted kittenish one of my family’s first nicknames for me was kitten. It has always stuck. In the last ten years I had been told I acted kinda like a bunny and I recently started exploring that. They are right I am bunnyish as well. So I refer to myself as a Cabbit or if you know the reference to Tenchi Muyo I am a ryuoki.


This is a Fenix hare


This is Ryuoki



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