Putting gender boundaries on children…

I really really dislike when in social media, the news or even around you in daily life people will use “boys will be boys” and “…. For a girl” those are gender bias and excuses for how children act. They have gone on long enough and people shouldn’t be doing this anymore.

“I’m just an avid believer that no mother should push her boy toward the feminine and vise versa. Let them be free in there choices by all means but never force a particular way of thinking on a child”-comment from someone when I told them my son watches Monster High and Ever After High on Netflix.

My son watches those shows because he has nightmares at night of different monsters. He sees the same monsters on those shows and sees that they aren’t as scary as he thought they were. You don’t know the impact you have on children until you tell them not to do something that makes them happy. He watches Ever After High because it shows him that even when your scared you can do something to protect yourself.

I don’t raise my son the way that other parents raise their children because no one is the same in raising their children. I raise my son to be happy and comfortable in his own skin. When he sees me put on makeup he will ask me if I can put some on him. If I choose to I will only use neutral colors but I generally don’t put any make up on him.

I have a sibling that has had their own battle with gender issues dealing with the treatment of the Transgendered youths in this country. No one should be willing to judge how parents are raising their children until they look at the glass walls they are putting around their own lives. If you can’t see your own problems then you shouldn’t be making others lives harder for their choices.



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