Standing on the edge of a precipe cliff


I have to discover what is wrong but I’m as terrified of finding out whether or not there is something wrong with me or they have to run more tests. This is the cliff because with either answer I’m gonna fall off the cliff face praying someone can catch me in time.

There is a chance I have a really bad disease. I had found out about it at the beginning of the summer and things have just been getting worse from there. I had to wait all summer and into the fall to even start getting the tests. My family is sick with worry. I had found out what I had been told for several years about something that changed my life was wrong and the truth of it is so much worse.

Hi I’m twenty six years old and my body is destroying itself trying to repair damage done by a government training facility.

How is someone supposed to react to something like that. Not counting the person who’s actual life is the one on the count down clock. Since I found out about the 50% possibility of this I have done everything to change my life to how I want it to be. I have opened my mouth and called my voice back to me that so many have taken from me.

I still waiting on the tests that I have to take but the MRI I had to get done came back normal. I have to get a nerve conduction test done next. The The blood tests whenever I can get back into the office of that doctor that started all of this into action.

Don’t wait to make your life how you want it. Don’t have regrets just live your life and be happy.


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