How going to college can help with confidence

Being in College can build confidence if you let it. There are many aspects of college that can help build self confidence while there are also several aspects that can make you reconsider your entire life and choices.

If you can find the right degree that you have a passion for and will have for in several years..GO FOR IT!!! if you are undecided when you go in its a good idea to get your generals out of the way so you can decide what you want to do.

There are Degree specific general education credits and just general education credits. The college I have been going to CWI has helped me gain strength in myself and made it so I am able to deal with people better with less anxiety attacks. I have put myself in a position where its mandatory that I deal with people and it still causes regular panic attacks but I am able to handle them better.

Going to college with a child is definitely a challenge but its making it more worth it when I do my homework with my boy and he pulls out a work book i bought for him to use at home. He will sit next to me and be working in his work book while I’m doing my math or biology homework.

Every college experience is different and I don’t want to tell everyone how I think their experience is going to be. I hope this gives is bit more insight. If you like it subscribe and you will see when I post more in this blog.


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