The stress and struggles of being a single mom in college

Being a single mom is difficult in of itself and being a student in college in difficult as itself. Being a single mom in college is very difficult because depending on the age you have to work your class schedule around your kids daycare schedule. I have to do a majority of my class and homework at the school so that I can spend as much time with my son when I am with him rather than just doing homework.

I don’t get very much time with my boy as it is during the week but I would rather spend what little time I get with him that I can get. When I do homework at home I will have time with my tutor while he has a play date or I will work on it after he goes to sleep. He is the reason I am working so hard in my college so that I can get best education and degree to give him the best life that I can give.

Teachers with deadlines don’t generally care if you have a sick kid they only want things to get better so that you can get the deadlines and homework done. There are some teachers that do show compassion because they are parents as well but majority of them only care about deadlines because they are doing their own course work to get farther in the field they are working in.


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