Having friends that have been in jail

I have had through out the years that haven’t made the best of choices. They have always been good people to me even if they don’t seem like it to others. The saying “People change people” is a really good way to understand this. You never know fully who someone is unless you see them in several other aspects of their lives.

The human species is never one sided in any situation they will adapt given the right motivation or need. When you have friends that are in the process of going to jail or coming out having been to jail you may notice a difference. I certainly did notice how they had changed.

Some people say those you have met and become friends with through the Job Corp System are “bad people” or have some other stupid stigma attached to the friendship. I met several really interesting people during my time there. I can’t remember a majority of my time there but the people that I interacted with and became friends with left such a strong imprint on me that they were able to break through the brain fog.

A few of the friends I had met and stayed friends with through the years have been in and out of jail. Some for short periods of time and some for longer periods of time. There is always a change in people whether its minuscule or life changing. Some friends have become better at handling their tempers and decided to completely change their life for the better so they could be a better father and friend to those around them.

A friend that I have recently gotten back in contact with recently went back to jail because he wasn’t able to do something he was supposed to from what he told me but he went in with his head held high and I was proud of him for his temperament of the situation.

We did correspondence while he was in jail more on the phone than letters because I wanted to make sure he got everything I sent him. I have all the letters I will send them to him now that he isn’t in there. (I didn’t like the idea of jailers reading letters where we discussed our families)

During his time in there he seemed calmer and more relaxed than he had while he was “free.” I was told that he had given up some of his addictions and I am proud of him since he is still keeping it controlled. He came out of the system different but he is still a dear friend of mine. He changed by becoming more wise and seeing less of the negative side of life and more of the positive side of life.

We joke about different things that have happened but I really am proud of all that he has done and hopefully he will be able to see a child that he misses dearly soon.

My friends describe me to be an angel in their lives my response is they are just slightly demonic I bring out their inner goodness.

Well to all my demons that try to keep me on a pedestal STOP IT!! You need to put yourself up on the pedestal. I am only helping you find the steps to the life that you want.


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