Coming out of the Shadows

I’m the Rocky mountain kitten. I have been in this lifestyle for about ten years with a few different masters. About four years ago I gained a new master after I had gotten out of a bad relationship. I had started in college dating a guy I thought would just be a temporary match until I found better.

That was when he discovered I was actually a fully trained sub/slave/kitten/kajitt etc and we actually found out that I was three months pregnant with our own kitten. He had been trying to do gorean training with me which put too much strain on my body and nearly lost our baby. I wanted us to be monogamous because of our baby and he wanted us to be polygamous I hadn’t realized he was actually cheating on me during the beginning and continued by telling people “I was just his baby mama and we lived together as just roommates. That we weren’t married.”

After three years of being loyal to a fault to my master only having one boyfriend during our sporadic polygamous times while he had many and us living in my parents house he left me for a pet he had been seeing behind my back because we had decided to be monogamous. I have still been taking care of our child. He had started harassing my family and stalking us during the time I decided to divorce him. After the divorce went through he moved to another town with his fifth (four during the divorce) girlfriend. I was a mess and my friends had been trying to help me put the pieces together.

A friend of mine that I had cared for several years had asked if he could try being a step in master until I started feeling better. I was hesitant for a while but I ended up becoming his sub. We actually found out that pet play made me very comfortable so we started doing more pet play. I became not only his sub but his kitten as well.

It has nearly been a year that I have been with my master and we are very happy together. We figured out during the year that I also felt very comfortable with the ddlg life style but my master wasn’t the most comfortable with it. We tried having a daddy but he was more into having the fun side of it than the actual responsibility of being a daddy. He also had a jealousy of being under my master. In any d/s relationship I started in I made sure they knew that my master was my top no matter what.

Things ended rather messily and I was in a very hard place because there were things in my personal life that caused my sanity to slip at times. I ended up connecting with a long time friend that had always been like a father to me. He became my daddy about two months ago. I’m very monogamous with my master but he is accepting of his limitations and understands my separate needs so I’m allowed to have d/s relationships that have nothing to do with dating them. They are able to have their own relationships when they find the right people.

I’m a single mother and I love my master I hope that we will continue to love each other.


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