Gift for a Couple Anniversaries

My master sent me this picture telling me that he ordered this collar as a gift for our knowing each other being best friends for twelve years. The collar is also for a year that I have been a free woman from my ex husband. I had won the collar in a new release from the VIP section of I have always loved their collars and pet gear.

My master has been supportive of me he is working with me to find myself. He has helped me find myself through kitty play but it didn’t really seem like it was all of me. I have always been kittish but there are times when I’m not. I’m more like a bunny. I have been called little rabbit and it kinda rang true but it made me scared so I ran away from it.

He has supported me and is ok with me trying to do the bunny play. He is easily a puppy player (wolf) but he could also be a horse player. He is a rodeo boy and he wants me to help explore that side of him and I want to help him.

My Daddy Dom also agrees with my master about me trying to bunny play. They both want to help me and they both love me. I love them both but in different ways.

I hope that you all have a great weekend and I will talk to you later.


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